My name is Maarten Van Driessen, I’m “fairly young” (26 when I wrote this) and am only just starting to find my way in the larger tech industry.
Being Belgian (Antwerp to be precise), I’m a cycling and cyclocross enthusiast and avid beer lover.


Professional Bio
I started working in IT in December 2009 as a service desk analyst. In 2011 I made the switch to an MSP in the Brussels area, working there has given me the opportunity to touch a lot of different environments and technologies.
This year I started working for Realdolmen as a system engineer. Working here gives me the opportunity to work with larger environments and get some more experience with a wide range of technologies.¬†At the customer I’m working for now, I’m responsible for the VMware, Veeam and Storage environments
Early on, my focus was mainly on Windows Server environments. Recently, however, I started to look at more parts of the stack, with a strong interest in virtualization.