Using VLANs on Fortigate 30D

While setting up a new Fortigate 30D for a client, I wanted to add a new VLAN for the guest Wi-Fi network. Usually, you just go into NetworkInterfaces and add a new Interface there.

On the 30D however, this option wasn’t there. After changing the device from switch mode to interface mode and back, I figured you can’t do it in the GUI. The only way to do it on a 30D is by using the CLI.

To add a new VLAN, go to the dashboard, open up the CLI and enter these commands:

config system interface
edit GuestWifi
set type vlan
set vlanid 100
set interface vlan
set ip

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Fortigate VLANs

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After running these commands, you’ll also see the VLAN show up in the Network – Interfaces page.